28 August 2019

Inside Kids2 Story BannerMeet Meryl Macune

Senior Vice President of Global Marketing


  • What is your role, background and how long have you been at Kids2?

At Kids2, I am the SVP of Global Marketing and have been with Kids2 for just over 2 years. My background spans Retail, Brand and Digital marketing and I have held several leadership roles within companies like Bloomingdale’s, Avon, and Estee Lauder.


  • How do you describe what you do to your family and friends?

When asked what I do, I explain that I help create brands that are meaningful to consumers and help consumers learn about our amazing brands and the many unique products we offer.


  • In your opinion, what’s the coolest or most interesting thing happening in the toy industry/product design right now?

I think the evolution of digital continues to transform how children interact and play and the adoption of voice-activated products will continue to rise and be integrated into toys.


  • What are some of your favorite or most innovative projects you have worked on at Kids2?

My time at Kids2 has been spent around re-launching the Baby Einstein brand. We have re-introduced this brand globally to new parents through compelling storytelling and local activations. Most recently we partnered with the Children’s Museum of Atlanta and sponsored a Curiosity Zone where we were able to bring to life an immersive experience that helped ignite children’s curiosity. 


  • How does your work impact new parents?

Everything we do is focused on creating more tiny wins for new parents. We help make it easy for parents to have more tiny wins through the creation of products that address a parent or child need and through the creation of content that further connects them to our brands, educates them, and at times provides them with a handy DIY activity.


  • How does your work impact our retail partners?

By creating strong brands and connecting with our consumers, we help drive more demand for our brands and products which ultimately drives sales at retail.


  • What are some of your favorite things about working at Kids2?

I love the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit as well as the strong collaboration across our cross-functional teams.


  • What is your favorite fundamental and why?

I like "embrace change." For me personally, I thrive in fast pace environments where I am faced with new challenges all the time. It’s exciting to be part of something that requires a change in thinking and doing in order to continuously improve.


  • What are some of your favorite things to do outside of work?

I love spending time with my family. I have two young girls who keep me very busy and love to take family bike rides. Don’t get me wrong, I also enjoy a little downtime attending barre class and doing a little shopping for me of course.


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