23 September 2020

Inside Kids2 with our Accounting Team - Patricia Fang

At Kids2, we have the opportunity to work with amazingly talented people everyday around the world, and through our Inside Kids2 spotlight stories we feature team members from different departments.

For this feature we interviewed Patricia Fang from our Accounting team to get to know more about her role and her interests both inside and outside of Kids2.

18 September 2020

Inside Kids2 with our Winvention Team - Benjamin Huang

Highlighting the entrepreneurial spirit & fun people we collaborate with every day around the world, we're bringing you Inside Kids2 spotlight stories on team members from different departments throughout our global offices.  

We sat down with our Winvention leaders to get to know more about their roles and interests both inside & outside of Kids2! Check out this feature on Benjamin Huang, Manager, Manufacturing. 

19 August 2020

Adventures with Intellectual Property & Patent Law Deputy General Counsel

Join us Inside Kids2 with our Legal team as we share the spotlight on Kerri Braun and her journey practicing intellectual property law. Kerri joined Kids2 two years ago bringing a background in licensing, prosecuting, and litigating copyrights, patents, and trademarks. Read her story as one of our Deputy General Counsel and her adventures both inside and outside of Kids2.

06 July 2020

Winning in Ecommerce with Amanda Lusk

When you meet Amanda Lusk, Senior Ecommerce Planner at Kids2, her energy, smile, and tenacity are captivating. We spoke with Amanda one early morning about her approach to winning at ecommerce and how she has been using this time during Covid-19 to explore various art forms.

10 June 2020

Janet Leung Totals 17 Years on Kids2 Global Accounting Team

From Accounting Manager to Director of Treasury, Janet Leung has helped lead Kids2's global accounting team over 17 successful years.

17 April 2020

Jessica Barnett Tells Us What You Want, What You Really Really Want

Sixteen-year Kids2 veteran built a career investigating consumer insights to drive product development success at Kids2 

31 March 2020

The MacGyver of Kids2 - Bradford Rogers, VP Design Engineering

Brad Rodgers, VP of Design Engineering, has a twinkle in his eye as he talks about a recent design review where he was on the floor of his vendor’s office tinkering with the designs as the team was brainstorming and troubleshooting. Brad is known to roll up his sleeves and get hands-on with models and prototypes as he and his team develop and prioritize our product vision from developing new products to enhancing existing products across the Kids2 portfolio. We sat down with Brad to learn more about him and his role at Kids2. What did I learn? He is our Kids2 MacGyver.

19 March 2020

How data and insights inform product and brand development at Kids2

What do today’s parents wish for their children? What aspirations and expectations influence their choices when choosing products? How do current issues and trends affect a parent’s product choice? What are common pain points for today’s parents and how do they differ globally?

These are the questions driving Rochelle Wainer, Ph.D. and the rest of the Analytics and Insights team at Kids2.

12 March 2020

An Inside Look at Corporate Law at Kids2

Cade Daniel is Deputy General Counsel at Kids2, Inc. shares what it is like working in corporate law at Kids2.

08 March 2020

Kids2 Leaders Discuss Gender Equality in the Workplace for International Women's Day

Kids2 leaders join in a panel discussion on gender equality in the workplace.