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A Note from Ryan


We have been working hard over the past two years to create a truly differentiated and highly relevant brand around Ingenuity. As we "re-launch" the brand in 2021, I’m personally very proud of where we are, but more importantly where we can go with Ingenuity—we are on the path of building a lifestyle brand—from our products to our packaging to our content and community, the "new" Ingenuity has been purpose-built to resonate and connect with today’s parents. The potential for this brand is huge, and as we work together to grow your business, I hope you are as excited as we are about what is next for Ingenuity.

Ingenuity is all about encouragement – a position we came to after extensive research. This aligns and is supported by Kids2’s greater Purpose of providing tiny wins to build toward bright futures for families everywhere. We believe we can authentically contribute to a parent’s foundational need of support and encouragement through this unique brand.

Some elements of the new branding have started to appear in market and have already received a great response from consumers. I am thrilled to share the whole Ingenuity story with you today and invite you to be a part of this growth.

Here’s to growing together.

Ryan Gunnigle


Meet the new Ingenuity!

We see Ingenuity as a lifestyle brand. One that connects with today’s parents in a genuine way by telling a story that is not being told by brands but needs to be heard – one we know our consumers are longing to hear. Our global teams have evaluated every aspect of Ingenuity– from positioning, brand identity, and all consumer touchpoints, including packaging, digital shelf, social community, and more, to re-design the brand and tell a cohesive and authentic story to our consumer segment. Driven by insights, we found a white space to connect with parents in a genuine way.

We believe parenting looks different for everyone, and today’s parents need a partner to encourage the decisions they make for their family. With the new brand design and newly launched sub-brand, Ity, Kids2 includes more illustration behind what people envision for their home life when a baby comes along. The new Ingenuity focuses on moving them forward with their family - Encouraging Every Step of the Way.



"Encouragement" as the Key

Today’s parent is looking for an authentic view of parenting. They want to be assured they have what it takes to thrive amidst life’s challenges. To provide the most supportive foundation possible for their child – a top priority – parents themselves need to feel encouraged in the decisions they’re making for their family.

48% of all parents do not feel they are getting the support they need when they feel overwhelmed or stressed – the time when help is most important. Studies show that 9 out of 10 parents feel judged for their parenting decisions.

Ingenuity is the voice of encouragement in our space for today’s parent.



Rooted in Insights

Across five market segments representing parenting buyers, Kids2’s Proprietary Global Consumer Attitude and Usage Research 2020 identified the “Perfectionist Parent” as a key parenting segment and we designed and positioned Ingenuity accordingly.

We found that “The Perfectionist”* segment wants products that fit well into their home design, likes to keep things simple, cares about sustainability and desires luxury design at mass prices.  “The Perfectionist” cares about trends and as they spend more time at home, they are focused on creating their home to be their haven. 

The overall design of Ingenuity is rooted in the “Home as a Haven” ideal, and it is expressed through five key design principles:

  1. Total Simplicity – less is more approach to color by streamlining color palettes.
  2. Soft Forms – Shapes are inviting and add a calmness to spaces.  Textured accents add tactility and interest to designs.
  3. Flexible and Multifunctional – Designs that transition throughout a parent’s day and stages of their children’s life.
  4. Inspired by Nature – Encouraging sustainability and a focus on plants and nature.
  5. Self-Expression and Inclusive Design – Inclusive designs across gender, race, and ability.  Catering to self-personalization.


*What does “The Perfectionist” parent look like?

These parents aim for perfection in all aspects of their life and consider being a parent an integral part of their identity.  Confident in their approach to parenting, they see themselves as influential in their communities and are often the first adopters of trends. 

The Perfectionist Parent cares about the brands they buy – doing their research, delving into online reviews, engaging on social media, and sharing opinions with fellow parents.  It makes sense then that they are often first-time parents, with high expectations for what parenting is going to look like, and excited to connect with others about their experience.



The Ingenuity Way

We proudly shared Baby Einstein’s science-based learning philosophy, the Einstein Way, in December’s newsletter. Similar to the Einstein Way guiding the development of all Baby Einstein products, the newly released Ingenuity Way, the second in a series of whitepapers, is a defining philosophy for the brand. Our VP of Global Insights & Analytics, Rochelle Wainer Ph.D. explains the science behind the Ingenuity Way and how we use this to differentiate our brands and products.

Ingenuity Way Whitepaper



Meet Ingenuity’s new sibling, Ity by Ingenuity!

The new Ity by Ingenuity line allows us to reach an entirely new parenting segment of consumers. Ity products offer the fashion, quality and functionality consumers expect from Ingenuity, but with streamlined features at an affordable price point. The first Ity product, the Yummity Yum High Chair launched last year and has been highly incremental to our portfolio exceeding sales expectations and proving be a top performer. We have added five additional products to the line -- many hitting shelves soon – and we anticipate they too will be a hit.

Ity by Ingenuity™ Yummity Yum™ Easy Folding High Chair - Goji™

The first Ity by Ingenuity™ sub-brand product to hit stores for easy eating!

Some foods are love at first bite. And as you know, first love is messy. We’re here to wipe away the puree. We designed the Yummity Yum™ easy-to-clean high chair with a dishwasher safe tray. Just unlatch and load. How simple is that? The comfortable feeding chair includes a machine washable seat pad and footrest support for happy eating. When tummies are full, this foldable high chair collapses so parents can tuck it out of sight. It’s like that applesauce explosion never happened. Manage the messiness with every thoughtful detail.

Ity by Ingenuity™ Snuggity Snug™ Soothing Vibrations Bassinet - Nimbu™

The Ity by Ingenuity™ sub-brand’s first shared shuteye launch in Q1 of 2020.

Sleep has never been more precious, and we don’t just mean for a snoozing baby. Every ounce of shuteye is just as important for mom and dad. So, parents can cradle baby with the Ity by Ingenuity Snuggity Snug bassinet. With soothing vibrations, this cozy sleeping bassinet creates a calm environment for even the craziest days and nights. Wheels make it easy to move this portable cocoon from room to room. And when the clock strikes bed, parents can keep baby safe and snuggled up right by their bedside. Everyone is about to get so much more sleep.

Ity by Ingenuity™ Bouncity Bounce™ Vibrating Deluxe Bouncer - Goji™

When the newest member of the family needs a cozy place to relax and play, the Ity by Ingenuity™ Bouncity Bounce™ Vibrating Deluxe Bouncer makes a great substitute for a parent’s-tired arms. The plush, removable headrest helps keep newborns comfortable. As they grow and begin to kick those legs, baby can create their own steady bounce. The removable toy bar with two toys entertains, while the soothing motion of the vibrating seat helps calm. With an easy-to-clean seat pad and modern fabric design, this bouncy seat will fit right into today’s parent’s homes and routines.

Ity by Ingenuity™ Simplicity Seat™ Easy-Clean Booster – Oat™

Make the move from high chair to table life as smooth as sweet potato puree! The Ity by Ingenuity™ Simplicity Seat™ Easy-Clean Booster comes equipped with a wipeable base and washable removable straps to take on even the messiest of mealtimes. It attaches to most dining chair styles for little one to snack and play. The soft material gives baby the perfect place to plop while parents tackle spoon feeding like a pro and is lightweight for portability.

Ity by Ingenuity™ Swingity Swing™ Easy-Fold Portable Swing – Goji™

For whatever soothing motion a little one needs, the Ity by Ingenuity™ Swingity Swing™ Easy-Fold Portable Swing is every baby’s speed. With TrueSpeed™ Technology, six different speed options allow parents to select the most calming pace. Babies can be soothed with a cradling seat, removable headrest for newborns, and two reclining positions. Easily move between rooms with a take-along handle and easy-fold design. Cleanup is breeze with a washable seat pad, and an adjustable 5-point harness keeps baby secure from birth to nine months. The Swingity Swing™ gives little one a comforting, compact spot so both parent and baby can relax.

Ity by Ingenuity™ Rockity Rock™ Cradling Rocker – Goji™

A day isn’t complete without a cozy place for baby to Rockity Rock™. With the Ity by Ingenuity™ Rockity Rock™ Cradling Rocker, little one can have a secure place to be cradled and comforted. An adjustable 3-point harness keeps newborns up to six months secure while parents enjoy some hands-free moments. With an easy-to-clean seat pad and neutral design, this rocker will blend into the home and stand out as a new parent’s favorite new helper.



What’s new from Ingenuity


The AnyWay Sway

Why we love it, and think you will too…

Consumer insights drove the entire development process of this product – we took all the functionality parents look for in a swing and delivered it in a compact size. It was also the first swing to come out of our new factory, Winvention!

The Keep Cozy™

Why we love it, and think you will too…

The Keep Cozy is a 3-in-1 grow with me seat! It includes a bouncing, rocking & stationary mode that can be used from infancy up to toddler years.

The reviews are already rolling in – and it’s a hit! Here are a few of the things moms are already saying about The Keep Cozy:

"Obsessed! Such a lifesaver."

"I love that it grows with your baby, so you have a long time to use it."

"It is amazing. I love this chair. Our baby does too."



Ingenuity is now cuter than ever…

Last year Ingenuity expanded into "play" categories with the successful launch of the Cozy Spot™ Reversible Duvet Activity Gyms in two fashions, plus a collection of plush peg toys. Aligning to our Ingenuity brand, and as an extension of our successful gear category, these new, giftable products deliver on soothing comfort with soft, plush fabrics and natural teething materials. All beautifully made to complement on trend home and nursery décor. Not to mention they are seriously cute!

Meet some of the new characters from the collection…and notice their names – they are all based on how each of the animals thrive in nature!

Following Ingenuity’s successful entrée into "play" and the incremental sales we saw in 2020 with the new product offering, we are excited to expand the collection with new gyms and teethers over the next 18 months – stay tuned!



Entering new categories with Kids2 Direct

Ingenuity keeps growing! Through the new division of Kids2 Direct, we are entering into even more categories to help encourage both parents & children. These categories include on the go/travel accessories, feeding accessories, sleep accessories, and bath.

This expansion further fuels the continued growth of Ingenuity as a "lifestyle brand" for moms, and line has already received great feedback from consumers and retail partners alike.

Our first container of products shipped in January and we are excited about what’s to come.

Check out the portfolio of new Ingenuity products available through Kids2 Direct



Connected Products from Ingenuity – coming in 2022!

Say hello to our new Ingenuity Soother. The soother will launch as an accessory that can easily be used interchangeably with various Ingenuity gear products or on the go to comfort baby. The technology will also be available in our Nate bear character, which will be reimagined as a soothing sleep stuffy with crib attachment. The removeable soother "puck" will include pre-loaded soothing melodies and Bluetooth connection for parents to customize sounds for their little one.

Stay tuned for more exciting launches!



Bringing the new Ingenuity to life in stores!

The Kids2 design team has been hard at work envisioning how to bring the "new" Ingenuity identity to life in retail display settings. We love the mix of colorful illustrations as the backdrop for the product displays – it brings a unique and differentiated look and feel that will stand out and get noticed.



We Grow Together!

Our new brand campaign, We Grow Together, is the theme of Ingenuity content for 2021. Our goal is to create a space where parents can connect with others on realities of parenting today and where we can encourage them to keep growing together. Each month we will focus on a unique theme to tell both brand and product stories.

We hope you’ll follow along and join in the conversation – check out @ingenuitybaby on Instagram and Facebook.



Inside Kids2

Encouragement is key to Ingenuity, and it’s also important in our Kids2 team. As part of our celebration of Black History Month, the Kids2 Diversity and Inclusion task force hosted a live discussion with prominent Atlanta minority business owner, Michael Russell, CEO of the HJ Russell & Company.

Russell, who oversees one of the largest minority-owned construction firms in the nation, provided the global Kids2 team with a forum that produced encouragement, compelling insights, and thought-provoking takeaways.

Kids2 remains committed to our belief that bright futures should be in reach for every family, everywhere – and that starts with our Kids2 family. All for All.



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