Stay Curious At Home

Now more than ever, as our kitchens become 24/7 classrooms, parents are embracing the role of #BabysFirstTeacher.

To help equip families for this new time together, we are sharing kid-friendly activities based on different areas of learning such as language, numbers, art, music, and sensory.

Enjoy this inspiration for teaching little ones the importance of creativity, compassion, and curious thinking in our ever-changing world.  

Think of it as a curiosity toolkit!

Enjoy these activities to spark curiosity at home.




06 May 2020

Music Week

Music promotes social-emotional intelligence, problem-solving skills, and lights up just about every area of the brain!  Use these creative ways to add music to your family time. 

07 April 2020

Art Week

Did you know the "Artistic" areas of your brain also light up those responsible for subjects like Science, Tech, Engineering, and Math? That’s why there’s a global movement towards STEAM education. Because different parts of the brain help strengthen each other and shape us into more well-rounded, curiously-thinking individuals.  Join us for Art week and explore more!

07 April 2020

Language Week

Language week features kid-friendly activities from ABCs to sign language.  Enjoy these toddler-friendly language lessons inspired by Montessori and STEAM teaching principles. 

07 April 2020

Math Week

What have you and your baby counted together? Even if you are the one saying the numbers, your baby is likely catching on. Check out these activities that offer practice sorting, counting, measuring, and more!  

Video - Manners Manor

Introducing “Manners Manor,” a new series from Baby Einstein. Designed to help your child learn all about manners in a fun and thoughtful way with the friendly Baby Einstein characters.

07 April 2020

Video - Baby Einstein Classics now Streaming

Baby Einstein Classic Videos now streaming! Check out the classics you love.

07 April 2020

Video - Patch's Number Forest & Counting with Earl

Patch's Number Forest and Counting With Earl are two new animated series from Baby Einstein that introduces numbers 1-9 and what they are. 

07 April 2020

Video - Cal's Sound Yard

Cal’s Sound Yard is a new animated series from Baby Einstein that teaches the letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make.