14 May 2020

You’ll love the names of the animals featured in the new Ingenuity plush play toyline and activity gyms. Just as our Ingenuity brand encourages families to thrive, each character’s name is inspired by how different animals uniquely thrive in their environment. For example, Nate™ the bear plays off how bears hibernate. Whether you’re a hedgehog, unicorn, or working mother of three - you’re doing perfectly. And what can be more encouraging than that?

introducing Ingenuity Plush Characters


Cria™ (Llama)

Llamas thrive on the tallest of mountains, even while looking after their young. Cria (aka: a baby llama) is an encouraging reminder that when a task seems too tall, you’ve got the strength of a llama mama.



Van™ (Elephant)

As some of the best huggers in the animal kingdom, Elephants often use their trunks to comfort their babies. Van came all the way from the Savanna to spread love to you and your little one when you need it most.


Kitt™ (Fox)

Mother foxes will go to just about any length for their babies and work hard to make their homes as cozy as possible for their growing family. Baby foxes are called kits, so the name was a natural fit.


Sylvi™ (Bunny)

As part of the hippity hopping Sylvilagus family, rabbits are the ultimate multi-taskers. Sylvi keeps baby calm and comfy, while you jump here, there, and everywhere crossing off your to-do list like a pro.


Loni™ (Sloth)

Megalonyx was the famous giant sloth. As its cuddlier modern cousin, Loni reminds us to slow down and breathe. Some days it may seem like it’s taking forever to make progress, but trust us, you’re doing great.


Farrow™ (Hedgehog)

Hedgehogs love nesting in gardens, where things are blooming and thriving all around. Groups of hogs are called farrows, so when selecting supportive sidekicks for your growing family, Farrow was an obvious choice.


Nally™ (Owl)

Owls are nocturnal. And as a new parent, it sometimes feels like you are, too. Rest a little bit easier knowing that Nally is keeping a careful watch over the nest.


Nate™ (Bear)

Ah, to hibernate! It’s every mama bear’s dream, right? While we can’t all slumber for months on end, Nate encourages you and baby to least sleep through the night.


Sheppy™ (Sheep)

Yes, sheep are as emotional as the rest of us. They form intimate bonds with their babies and can remember special moments for years. Count on Sheppy to provide sweet daydreams and even sweeter memories.


Shimmy™ (Unicorn)

We believe in unicorns. And we believe in parents. Baby unicorns are called shimmers.


The Ingenuity toy collection includes squeak toys, handheld rattles, ring rattles, lovey blankets, bean bag loveys, activity toys, and plush animal toys that are crafted for cuddles!

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