07 April 2020

What have you and your baby counted together?


Even if you are the one saying the numbers, your baby is likely catching on. Cognitive scientists note that infants are capable of having an “Approximate Number System,” or ANS, that helps them understand order, patterns, and symbols. Check out these activities that offer practice sorting, counting, measuring, and more!  


Activity 1: Muffin Tin Matching

What do blocks, paper shapes, and a muffin tin have in common? Math!

Chances are, you’ve got a few of these items lying around the house. By helping baby sort the blocks to match corresponding shapes, you’re showing him to see the relationships that make up a pattern, which can help with math skills later on in life. And just with a simple DIY project! 

DIY Activity




Activity 2: Caterpillar Counting

Ready for a fun counting project with Cal the Caterpillar?

Whether or not your kiddo grows up to be a math whiz, researchers have found that babies are born with an innate sense of number. Introducing a basic concept like counting can help boost your baby’s number sense to prepare for learning complex math concepts later on. This DIY project combines a little art and a little counting to give your baby a jump start.  

DIY Activity




Activity 3: Curiosity Counts


Using color time as learning time!

Coloring helps build word recognition, number recognition, and counting skills. Coloring also uses fine motor skills and builds finger strength.


Counting Worksheet Baby Einstein



Activity 4: Sponge Shapes


Did you know math comes in all shapes and colors?

In fact, shapes and spatial relationships are 1 of the 5 important components of math! And who says math has to be boring?  

Get messy and creative with this easy DIY art project to help introduce your little one to fun with shapes and colors. 

DIY Activity



Activity 5: Watch Patch’s Number Forest & Counting with Earl


Baby Einstein has created TWO new videos for you and your little learner!

Patch’s Number Forest and Counting with Earl introduce numbers (what they are & why they’re important) using “The Einstein Way” – a curiosity-driven learning philosophy inspired by Montessori and STEAM.

The Einstein Way also reflects our core belief that curiosity is the most important skill for our kids to learn in order to be successful and adaptable in an ever-changing world. Baby Einstein videos feature the adored characters from our products that have reached over 100 million families around the world, ensuring a safe and fun environment for kids to learn subject matter parents care about.


Watch the Trailer!



Watch the Series


Baby Einstein is a leading multimedia and toy brand that helps parents cultivate curiosity—within their children and themselves—through experiences of shared discovery and creativity. Why? Because curiosity motivates us to learn and adapt. It compels us to be open to possibilities and confident in our skills. Curiosity is essential for succeeding in our ever-changing world and creating a better one.

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