10 March 2021

Kids2 Leads Expansion of Baby Einstein Brand With New Parenting Research

The Baby Einstein™ Brand is a Kids2 brand that is guided by The Einstein Way™, a unique learning philosophy developed through science and child development research. With Albert Einstein as a guiding inspiration, the Baby Einstein™ Brand believes curiosity is key to helping children be prepared for their future.

03 March 2021

Kids2 Expands Operations In China, Strengthening Overall Global Presence

Kids2 announces the launch of their Shanghai office, Kids2 Shanghai. This new addition is a natural next step in helping grow Kids2’s China operations, while also helping the company expand its overall global presence.

10 November 2020

PlayDate Digital and Kids2 Partnership Sparks Launch of Interactive Baby EinsteinTM App

A brand new app featuring a collection of interactive storybooks based on the celebrated Baby EinsteinTM brand and designed to introduce babies and toddlers to early-learning concepts and the rhythms and splendor of classical music has launched on mobile devices across the globe. 

20 August 2020

Tiny Talks with Brand Manager, Jessica Diaz, on Bright Starts Design Wins

Kids2 Talked 2 Jessica Diaz, Global Marketing Brand Manager for Bright Starts, about the collaboration behind the branding design and position to better communicate with consumers at every touch point, starting with the optimized packaging work.

22 June 2020

Mary Meyer and Kids2 Collaborate on new Baby Einstein Plush Line

Mary Meyer Stuffed Toys™ has created a new line in collaboration with Kids2™ called Baby  Einstein™ First Discoveries™. These toys focus on bringing all of baby’s senses into their play.

08 June 2020

The Einstein Way – a learning philosophy

This is a first in a series of whitepapers for each of our brands that specifically speaks to the science behind how we differentiate our brands and products

28 May 2020

Baby Einstein Releases Four New Shows on YouTube

Baby Einstein is back in the video business releasing four new children's shows on YouTube. In addition, the Baby Einstein™ Classics that today’s millennial parents know and love from their own childhood have been repackaged and are now airing on various streaming platforms.

12 May 2020

Ingenuity Enters Play Category Introducing New Line of Activity Gyms and Plush Toys

Ingenuity™, the baby brand known for its modern baby gear for the home, is launching into the play category with its new Activity Gym and Plush Toys.

29 April 2020

Baby Einstein Provides Parent Resources to Keep Baby Curious

From DIY videos for fun at-home activities to new video content and downloadable worksheets, Baby Einstein has created resources to support parents looking to keep babies and toddlers entertained and curious.