Research Shows Almost Half of Parents Do Not Feel Encouraged In Times of Need

10 May 2021

Kids2, a global company that designs solutions to help early-stage parents and families, shares their research on feelings of encouragement among parents with their Ingenuity™ brand’s latest whitepaper titled, “Validating why families need encouragement to thrive.”


Highlighted in the whitepaper are two consistent statistics which underscore the need for encouragement, specifically, 48% of all parents do not feel they are getting the support they need when feeling overwhelmed or stressed—the time when help is most important, and 9 out of 10 parents feel judged for their parenting decisions. These emotions felt by parents is where Ingenuity™ is stepping in to become a partner to parents by offering encouragement and support, helping them to meet their goals – both personally and as a parent.


By leaning into these insights, Kids2’s Proprietary Global Consumer Attitude and Usage Research 2020 identified the “Perfectionist Parent,” across various market segments representing parenting buyers. The Perfectionist Parent is often a first-time parent whose aim is perfection and identifies largely as being a parent. They are confident in their style of parenting and looks for the best brands and products to supplement their journey. Across the market segments, parents consistently shared these factors as being of utmost importance: Giving baby the best, happiest life, spending quality time with child, connecting with other parents and less stress, more support from partner.


“At Kids2 we always start with the needs of our consumers and have developed our brands to deliver uniquely on what parents are looking for,” said Rochelle Wainer, Ph. D., Whitepaper Author and Head of Global Insights & Analytics at Kids2. “Our research on Ingenuity™ enables us to create solutions for encouraging parents so that they can achieve tiny wins and build bright futures for their children.” 


The “Ingenuity Way” is an approach to design and development grounded in four areas of science, with encouragement at the center. It is important for Ingenuity™ to support parents in creating healthy home environments and in being the best caregiver to their children. The four areas of science are Attachment Theory, Brain Development, Inspired by Nature and User-Centered. Together, these four areas create an approach for product designs that enable an emotional connection between parent and child, further brain development, follows natures path for design which are ergonomic, intuitive and soothing in concept, and lastly, always thoughtful of the end user.


In combination with the four pillars, Ingenuity™ uses five core design principles focused on encouragement, which are:

  • safe and secure features
  • comforting & soothing materials
  • enables independence
  • adaptable designs
  • innovative solutions inspired by nature


Ingenuity™ is more than creating safe and reliable products for parents and children. It encompasses being a partner and resource for parents to continue on their journey and support them in being the best parent they can be. Our products go beyond solutions, reaching into parents’ emotions by helping them recognize their strengths, trust their instincts, and create the best life for their families, for themselves and for their baby.


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Kids2 is a global company that designs solutions to help early-stage parents and families create tiny wins that build bright futures. The Kids2 brand portfolio includes the leading infant, baby, and toddler brands Baby Einstein®, Bright Starts®, and Ingenuity®. Headquartered in Atlanta, Kids2 spans globally with 12 offices on four continents serving customers in more than 90 countries and has been inventing and reinventing baby products for 50 years. Led by CEO Ryan Gunnigle, it operates with an agile start-up approach, which fosters the company’s growing success.