Covid-19 Impact for young families

27 April 2020

With the COVID-19 crisis affecting us all, Kids2 is keeping a pulse on the impact to consumers.  This month, we conducted two rounds of surveys of current and expecting moms of young children in the U.S.  Here’s what they told us. 

  • Families have already been hit hard economically.
    • Half said they had lost jobs or have reduced income since the crisis started.


  • For those who are working, many are now trying to balance working at home while taking care of small children. Keeping children occupied and quiet is proving to be extremely challenging.
    • Most are turning to shows, movies, and apps as the go-to solution but some have been seeking out educational toys and containment solutions such as gates and playpens.


  • In this time of uncertainty and tightening budgets, about one-third said they are planning to spend less on toys and baby gear over the next 30 days. 
    • Purchase plans are shifting to needs vs wants with more moms saying they are likely to purchase gear vs toys in the next 30 days
    • Many are still planning to buy for special events such as 1st Birthday or baby shower gifts – but showers and parties have gone virtual for the time being.


  • However, as moms make their purchases, they are now being conscious of the potential for germ transmission and leaning towards options that are easy to clean/sterilize or come in enclosed packaging.
    • With concern around germs, many are avoiding stores and buying online, but they are frustrated by extended ship times.  

How Retailers Can Respond

  • Consumers are more price-conscious, look to offer better quality at a lower price
  • To alleviate concerns about germs, feature items with fully enclosed packaging and promote easy-clean instructions
  • Advertise ability to get baby gear and toys quickly through curbside pickup and from-store d

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