01 May 2019

Baby Einstein Day GuestsOn a sunny and brisk spring morning, giggling children and excited parents boarded buses to go to the Children’s Museum of Atlanta for a unique day of exploration. These families are participants at Our House, a local nonprofit organization serving families affected by homelessness. Much of the time the moms of Our House are so caught up in survival mode, they don’t have the means or opportunity to participate in this type of adventure with their children. But that day would be all about curiosity and fun. It was Baby Einstein Day!

Kids2 hosted the group of 80 parents and children to experience the Children’s Museum of Atlanta and enjoy a special Baby Einstein Curiosity Zone exhibit installed at the museum. Born from the belief that the future belongs to the curious, Baby Einstein helps parents cultivate curiosity—within their children and themselves—through experiences of shared discovery and creativity. The Curiosity Zone is an experience designed to encourage discovery, creativity, exploration, and inspiration for children and their families, whether it be in their school or local communities, all over the world.

The exhibit at the Children’s Museum of Atlanta was Baby Einstein’s first Curiosity Zone and was open for one-week for hundreds of children 0-12 years old and their families to explore. For the families of Our House, it was a day of togetherness, laughter, and adventure that will foster curious minds for months to come.