17 July 2019
New York Times Magazine

What Strategist Readers Are Buying

Child-development expert Dr. Sarah Roseberry Lytle says it’s a good pick because “young kids love to make music and noises and exploring things, like, ‘Can I make it softer? Can I make it louder?’ ‘What happens when I hit it harder?’ That’s a really interesting learning process.”

12 June 2019
Cafe Mom

20 Bouncers to Soothe Fussy Babies

Babies and sleep are interesting territory. On one hand, babies do sleep a lot. They're little after all, and it just takes a lot of energy being in the world! Especially a world they had no idea about just a few months ago. Then, on the other hand, it seems that babies don't really sleep for a plethora of reasons. Teething, gas, hunger. They never seem to want to sleep when their moms want them to. There are tons of sleep tricks out there for mom to try and one of them -- along with rockers and swings -- is a baby bouncer.