by Ryan Gunnigle
Kids2 President

From one great solution, Kids II now celebrates 50-years of helping parents around the world.

13 August 2019

This year marks a monumental milestone for Kids2…we turn 50.

Five decades ago a grandma started this company out of the need for a solution so her little ones wouldn’t slip in the tub—a bath mat. A move that would turn into hundreds of solutions for millions of parents across the globe.

Thirty years ago, I stepped foot into Kids2—not even old enough to have my own kids. I watched carefully and learned how we did business—how moms came first, how babies’ needs are universal yet unique, how retailers play a role in our success and most importantly to surround yourself with talented individuals who share the same passion and dedication in creating some of the world’s most loved (and needed) products.

We hit record sales, watched products like the Take A-long Tunes stay #1 for years, made it through the ups and downs of retail, taken market share, went from one brand to seven to three focused brands, took a US company with one office to a global powerhouse with offices and team members around the world. It’s been a heck of a ride.

The experiences (success and fails) we’ve had in the past helped shape who we are today. But today, like most days, it’s thinking about what’s next that fuels me and drives our success. We’ve seen, especially in the last 5-10 years, how this world, our industry and parents’ needs can evolve, and this is only going to continue as the next generation (one that only knows a world with technology) become parents. It’s changing at a speed I’ve never seen, and what most excites me is we are staying ahead of this as we shift and continue our focus on meeting and anticipating consumer needs.

In the past three years, we have transformed our entire company from a product-centric manufacturer to a solution-driven family of brands focused on making it easier for parents around the globe.
Each of our brands, including Baby Einstein™, Bright Starts™, and Ingenuity™, have unique consumer experiences and distinctive products that fulfill different parenting styles and needs.

The team we have here, today, at Kids2 is thinking faster, smarter and more forward than ever before. There’s no doubt about that. We’re making strides in areas we never knew existed, reinventing spaces, pushing the envelope, not staying stagnant and continuously looking to be better. And we’re doing it with purpose –always pointed at two things—tiny wins creating bright futures. We’re clearer than we’ve ever been on what we stand for and what we are driving toward. And the “2” in our name is a constant reminder of exactly that.

We will always learn from our past, live in the successes of today, and most importantly we are planning and making moves for our future. This milestone year not only marks a celebration of the last 50 years, it’s also setting a new really cool foundation for the next 50 years. I’m proud of where we have been and where we are now and excited about what’s to come.

Thank you for making Kids2 what it is today and what it will be tomorrow and the years to come.

Here’s to the next 50! 

-- Ryan Gunnigle, CEO

Kids2 is a global company that designs solutions to help early-stage parents and families create tiny wins that build bright futures. The Kids2 brand portfolio includes the leading infant, baby, and toddler brands Baby Einstein®, Bright Starts®, and Ingenuity®. Headquartered in Atlanta, Kids2 spans globally with 12 offices on four continents serving customers in more than 90 countries and has been inventing and reinventing baby products for 50 years. Led by CEO Ryan Gunnigle, it operates with an agile start-up approach, which fosters the company’s growing success.