As cheerleaders of fun, Bright Starts helps parents and children capture the joy in times spent together.

05 August 2019

Bright Starts is on the happiest mission in the world, to create more joy in every moment. 

In today’s 24-7 world, it’s hard for most parents to stay connected—to themselves, to their friends, and perhaps most importantly, to their children. The popular “mindfulness” movement puts even more pressure on mothers to “make moments matter."

"Today’s parents want to feel more happiness in the time they spend with their children and Bright Starts is dedicated to making it easier for them to experience and find joy in these moments," said Meryl Macune, SVP global marketing for Kids2, the parent company of the Bright Starts brand.

"We’re not setting out to eliminate mom’s stress. Simply to create moments in her day without it. We’re the friend who knows you’ve got a lot going on, and shows up at your door with cupcakes." continues Macune.

As cheerleaders of fun, Bright Starts believes the greatest joy between parents and children is found in the times spent together, undistracted by yesterday and unconcerned with tomorrow. It’s in these moments when silliness sings and belly laughs are born and when time stands still. To create more even more joy Bright Starts has mashed up with several iconic brands including Disney, Sesame Street, Ford, and John Deere. 

"Co-creating with some of the world’s most iconic brands helps Bright Starts to innovate faster, create more efficiency, create more shared value with our retail partners and ultimately, create more moments that matter," said Macune.

Playing with Bright Starts toys immerses parents and children in worlds of giggles and grins and meaningful connections. Because joy is what makes moments last forever.