06 May 2020

Mental Health Tips for Children

As #BabysFirstTeacher, parents have the big responsibility of helping shape the way our children think about their emotions and respond to adversity.
Here are a few subtle communication shifts that can help your children work through challenges.

06 May 2020

Mental Health Month Kick-off

While resilient, Kids still need comfort. And though strong, it’s important they have a safe space to share their feelings.

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we will share expert tips for helping children navigate new emotions, as well as motivational tools to help support the holistic health of your entire family.

07 April 2020

DIY Sponge Painting

Time to create with sponge paint!

07 April 2020

Caterpillar Counting DIY

Caterpillar counting is a fun DIY activity that includes math, art, and fine motor skills.


07 April 2020

Baby Einstein Original Content Trailer

Baby Einstein Classics are now streaming on YouTube and other streaming channels

07 April 2020

Cal's Sound Yard Trailer

Cal’s Sound Yard is a new animated series from Baby Einstein that teaches the letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make. 

07 April 2020

Patch's Number Forest & Counting with Earl Trailer

Patch's Number Forest and Counting With Earl are 2 new animated series from Baby Einstein that introduces numbers 1-9 and what they are.

08 March 2020

Baby Einstein Women's Day

Mothers have won Pulitzer Prizes and told life-changing bedtime stories. They’ve marched for equality and still know the struggle of sharing crayons. No matter their stories, women everywhere are together teaching the next generation of leaders, thinkers, creators, and change-makers to navigate their communities in kind, responsible, and curious ways.

To ask questions and be open to the answers. To make new discoveries, big and small, every day. Today we celebrate the contributions of all mothers — alongside grandmothers, aunts, daughters, sisters, neighbors, and friends — and support them in the journey of being #BabysFirstTeacher.

24 February 2020

Baby Einstein's Baby's First Teacher

What will you teach them?

Baby Einstein is setting out to inspire parents in their role as baby’s first teacher. Let’s join together to raise a generation who believes in the world-changing power of curiosity. #BabysFirstTeacher

07 November 2019

Around We Grow 4-in-1 Discovery Center Video

The Baby Einstein Around We Grow 4-in-1 Discovery Center brings the benefits of a traditional baby walker and stationary entertainer together in one solution with four distinct ways to play—Walk-Around, Discovery Table, Art Table, and Removable Floor Toys.