Did you know the "Artistic" areas of your brain also light up those responsible for subjects like Science, Tech, Engineering, and Math?

07 April 2020

Did you know the "Artistic" areas of your brain also light up those responsible for subjects like Science, Tech, Engineering, and Math? That’s why there’s a global movement towards STEAM education. Because different parts of the brain help strengthen each other and shape us into more well-rounded, curiously-thinking individuals.  

So get out the paints, sing a song at the dinner table, or simply revisit a favorite poem. Then share it with friends, families, or perfect strangers.  

Activity 1 - Starry Night

Move over, Van Gogh! There’s a new painter in town. And they’ve got the best art teacher of all -- a parent with a plan! “Starry Night” provides the perfect palette for exploring colors and pushing the bounds of your baby’s curiosity. Plus reaching for the stars is an excellent way to exercise fine motor skills.   

Curious idea: Host a virtual art show or transform a wall in your home into a DIY art gallery. Seeing their work on display gives children the confidence to keep creating, experimenting, and expressing themselves. 


Activity 2 - Paper Garden

Make a masterpiece like Matisse!

When creating his “gouaches découpés” collages, Matisse set out to build a universe of garden art -- filling his walls with organic shapes like flowers, leaves, seaweed, and coral. He called the process “painting with scissors.” And it’s an easy craft to recreate with your family.  

Before securing your paper plants, let kids have fun arranging and rearranging the pieces. This encourages unstructured creativity and allows them to explore shapes and patterns.

Curious fact: Matisse was heavily inspired by jazz music! So crank up the Coltrane, get out the paper, and watch your little artist go!

Activity 3 - Veggie Stamping

No paintbrushes? No problem! You can make art with anything -- even last night’s leftovers.

DIY Fruit & Veggie Stamps are a resourceful way to keep creativity on the menu. Let kids help select the foods and together decide what shapes and textures will make the most eye-catching patterns.   

Nothing brings people together quite like food and art! Send the finished product to loved ones or share with a neighbor -- the smiles their masterpiece brings to friends and family will boost your budding artist’s self-esteem! 


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